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Commitment Without Compromise

The Right Equipment

At the Pacific Coast Supply family of companies you can be assured of the right equipment for the job. Coupled with today's technology, we make deliveries safer and easier. While on your job-site, our primary service is safety for you, your employees and ours.

Safety and Security

Many accidents are caused by those who don't recognize the risk. Our delivery personnel will secure their work area prior to unloading. This helps you and others by isolating dangerous areas that may pose a risk.


The key to our high level safety program is in our supervision. Most jobs go through a pre-check and post-check system to determine the safest way to deliver product on the site.

Safety supervisors visit the job-site to ensure that our crews are following our safety standards. If problems are identified during these checkpoints a communication plan to our customers is followed.


From the ground up, all of the Pacific Coast Supply family of companies operates by the same safety standards. Whether it is our underground waterworks, lumber and trusses, or your roofing, drywall, and masonry needs... you can expect that safety is our commitment without compromise.

Protecting What Is Important

We recognize that your most important asset is the same as ours, "Our people." Job-site mishaps create burdens such as injuries, rising insurance costs, and even fines and penalties. At Pacific Coast Supply we recognize that you face these business challenges just like we do. We can assure you that job-site safety is a responsibility that we will not compromise!


Busy streets, cramped job-sites and awkward materials are conditions that are a part of the constructions business. Our sales personnel are trained to obtain job-site condition information at the time of order placement and our delivery personnel are trained to recognize and navigate through job-site obstacles. With safety being our number one priority, our personnel are empowered to change a method of delivery if the safety risk is too high.